In particular, the objectives of the Urban Youth Research Network are to:

  • Bring together organizations, individuals, researchers and academic institutions which produce research on urban youth as well¬† as organizations which utilize (or would like to utilize) research findings in order to benefit and improve outcomes for urban youth;
  • Foster collaboration between stakeholders as a means to produce better ways of addressing issues affecting the well-being of urban youth;
  • Encourage and take lead in the production and dissemination of research and the creation of research environments that allow the voices of youth to be clearly heard and understood;
  • Improve linkages between practice, research and policy;¬†
  • Support the capacity of young researchers and especially of those who come from lower income countries, to conduct, publish, and disseminate research so as to ensure diversity and ownership to research and global policy developments.
  • To secure/gain Global/regional recognition and support for Research on Urban Youth

Focus Areas:

  • Job creation
  • Youth Civic participation and Good governance
  • Adequate shelter
  • Secure tenure.