India-Urban Youth Report 2015-Towards youth-centric change

This Research Note was presented by Ms. Padma Prakash at the 1st UYRN Planning meeting during the 7th World Urban Forum in Medellin, Colombia.

The Report focuses on 2 major areas across seven different contexts, namely: Demographic context, Urban Growth, Employment and Livelihoods, Governance and human rights, Equity and Inequity and Social Institutions.

The report closely looks at the 3 pivotal cross-cutting dimensions in cities: Youth as purveyors of cities, as consumers and as city changers, as well as Youth-led challenge to institutions and systems. It  aims to record transitions and understanding of the dimensions of youth-led transformation of institutions.

Working closely with the India youth fund, an important element of the Report is a youth survey in five cities in India, on the major themes of the Report.

Ms. Padma Prakash is currently the Director of IKF (IRIS Knowledge Foundation) Mumbai, India and Editor, eSocialSciences. She holds a doctorate from Mumbai University in Sociology and her areas of specialization are health studies, sociology of science, sociology of sports, gender studies and youth. She is an academic journalist formerly Associate Editor, Economic and Political Weekly, Mumbai and a mainstream media columnist and commentator.  She is closely associated with Anusandhan Trust (currently managing trustee) that runs two centres of research working on health and health care in India.

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