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Submission period Friday 27 August, 2021 - Sunday 12 September, 2021 Description Climate Smart Cities Challenge: Technical support to challenge definition, innovation competition, communications and provision of an innovation management platform. Source: UN-Habitat: https://unhabitat.org/node/160622 Reference: CFP/1-2021-CSCC Size of Grant: Up to... Read more
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Size of grant: Purpose of CFP: Submission Start Date: 15 September 2021 (tbc) Submission Deadline Date and time: 06 October 2021 (tbc) Project Key Information • UN-Habitat Project title : Increase resilience of local actors in contexts of massive internal displacement and COVID-19 ; (original title : « Renforcement de la résilience des collectivités territoriales face aux déplacements massifs de... Read more
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The Sixth Assessment Report consists of contributions from each of the three IPCC Working Groups and a Synthesis Report (SYR), which integrates the Working Group contributions and the Special Reports produced in the cycle. The meeting to draft the outline of the Sixth Assessment Report took place in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) in May 2017. The draft outlines were approved by the 46th Session of the... Read more
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The U.N. chief called the findings ‘a code red for humanity’ with worse climate impacts to come unless greenhouse gas pollution falls dramatically More than three decades ago, a collection of scientists assembled by the United Nations first warned that humans were fueling a dangerous greenhouse effect and that if the world did not act collectively and deliberately to slow Earth’s warming, there... Read more
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COVID-19 has hit cities hard, with 90% of infections reported in urban areas.[1] That impact will have a range of repercussions as cities aim to achieve the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 11, which calls for urban areas that are inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable. Now more than ever, cities will need to turn to advanced technologies that can help them not only face down a... Read more
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Today, more than half of the world's population lives in cities. By 2050, it will be around 70%, according to United Nations (UN) estimates. How can we supply this growing urban population with food in the long term? This issue poses enormous challenges for people, especially in cities in the Global South. Healthy, affordable and sustainable food systems are necessary for people to feed... Read more
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The United Nations today launches an online tool to help humanitarian practitioners rapidly identify and mitigate environmental risks when responding to crises in urban areas. The free, cloud-based Urban-Nexus Environmental Assessment Tool (U-NEAT+) offers an easy way to assess a range of potential environmental threats and sensitivities and suggests how to mitigate them. Assessments are recorded... Read more
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Objectif de l'appel d’offres L'objectif de l'appel d’offres est de solliciter l'intérêt des institutions techniques locales, des organisations à but non lucratif et de la société civile ou des organisations internationales ayant une présence et des experiences avérées dans le pays et travaillant en partenariat avec des organisations locales pour soutenir la mise en œuvre du Programme Participatif... Read more
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Submission period Thursday 29 July, 2021 - Thursday 19 August, 2021 Description The purpose of the Call for Proposal is to solicit interest from existing or prospective Implementing Partners that wish to participate in UN-Habitat operation and contribute complementary resources (human resources, knowledge, funds, in-kind contributions, supplies and/or equipment) to achieving common objectives as... Read more