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A UN-Habitat SUD-Net Program
As cities grow and densify, access to well designed and pleasant public spaces is becoming an increasingly important asset. Public space in our cities deserves priority attention - because it serves all urban residents, and particularly the ones most in need; and because its quantity and quality is not a given - it requires attention and care. Despite its importance, public space has not been given the attention it deserves in literature and, more importantly, in policy and action at the local level. For this reason, UN-Habitat, in cooperation with institutional partners, has initiated this Global Public Space Toolkit - a user-friendly guide to provide cities, and particularly those with high rates of demographic growth and limited financial resources, with actionable ideas on how to find resources and solutions for improving the availability, quality and distribution of good public spaces. This Toolkit is intended to be a practical reference for cities to concretize principles, policies and development plans on public space.

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