NewCities Summit 2017 - Flexible and Resilient City Services

Published on 18 Jul 2017

Urbanites’ needs change constantly but city governments and public service providers must always be able to efficiently meet them. How can adaptability be built into traditional city services? What steps can be taken to ensure that cities are able to effectively foresee and plan for new needs rather than simply react to them? Who is responsible for these services?

Lianne Dalziel, Mayor, Christchurch
Devin de Vries, Co-founder, WhereIsMyTransport 
Rahul Gupta, Principal, Capital Projects and Infrastructure, PwC
Khaidzir Abdul Rasip, Senior Vice President, Urban Observatory, Iskandar Regional Development Authority

Moderated By:
Arvind Satyam, Managing Director, Business Development - Smart+Connected Communities, Cisco

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NewCities Summit 2017 - Flexible and Resilient City Services

New Cities Summit 2017