NewCities Summit 2017 - Clean and Healthy Transport Systems

Published on 18 Jul 2017

Reducing CO2 emissions of urban transport is key to fighting climate change. The lack of mass transit systems cause the worst cases of congestion and air pollution, forcing people to use personal vehicles, or informal, unregulated options, over public options. How do we improve accessibility of urban mobility while reducing CO2 emissions? Where does walkability fit in?

Priscilla Baek, Policy Lead for Asia and Head of Policy for Korea, Uber
William Chernicoff, Senior Manager, Global Research & Innovation, Toyota Mobility Foundation
Emmanuel Vivant, CEO, RATP Dev Transdev Asia & Managing Director, Hong Kong Tramways
Philippe Yvin, Chief Executive Officer, Société du Grand Paris

Moderated By: John Rossant, Chairman, NewCities

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NewCities Summit 2017 - Clean and Healthy Transport Systems

New Cities Summit 2017