Namesort ascending Tags Partner affiliations Group affiliations
Young Professional Development Society Nepal YPDSN Action Research
Priyanka Bendigiri Action Research, Academic community
Mohamed Gamal Abdelmonem Action Research, architecture, urban planning and design Global Housing Strategy, UN Urban Gateway Group
Ingrid Olivo Academic Level, Action Research
HILARY F. SMITH Academic Level, advocacy, affordable housing, Latin America and the Caribbean, Action Research, Adaptation, climate mitigation
Ezra Vivan Action Research
Emad Kenawy Action Research
Dr. Mona Omar Academic, Action Research, Adaptation
Bibhu Kalyan Nayak Action Research, south asia, postgraduate in regional and urban planning, environmental urban and territorial planning, architect and planner Basic Analysis and Design Workshop
Arunava Dasgupta urban design, sustainable urban development, architecture, Action Research, Co-development, Social Urbansism, Rural urbanization School of Planning and Architecture, NEW DELHI Habitat Partner University Initiative, UN Urban Gateway Group, World Urban Forum