Namesort ascending Tags Partner affiliations Group affiliations
Tom Goodfellow Africa, Land policy, urban transport, Infrastructure, affordable housing, Housing, municipal finance, Activism, informal settlements, informal urbanism
Solomon Njoroge Germany, Kenya, Africa, land su, GIS, Geoinformatics UN Urban Gateway Group
Simisha Pather-Elias south africa, sub-saharan africa, Africa, sustainable urban development, sustainable urban transport, Urban Energy, energy efficiency, Renewable Energy, energy poverty, Climate change mitigation, energy and gender
Olukayode Alao Africa, sustainable housing, sustainable development, Masters degree, Civil Engineering
Michel Max Raynaud Africa, advocacy, Academic Level
Mensah Owusu Africa, Gender and climate change, affordable housing, advocacy, Urban informal settlements, PhD( in progress), Project development and management
Mark Napier Africa, Housing, urban land, urban development, property markets
Luciana Maia climate change, SDGs, NUA, education and training, networking and capacity building. Formulating strategies and applying technical inputs., #city, Urban Strategy, Asia & Pacific, Africa, Europe
Lawrence O Ayisi affordable housing, affordable housing policy, Africa, Academic Level, Architect, 2015, advocacy UN Urban Gateway Group
Kafula KABASO Africa