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Thiago David Architect, Material Flow Management, Academic Level, environmental sustainability, environmental urban and territorial planning, Urban Built Environment, Green Building Design, green building consultants, Socially sustainable urban development, Social Sustainability in Housing Development, energy efficiency, regenerative cities, recycled material, biomass Global Housing Strategy, Global Network on Safer Cities, Habitat Partner University Initiative, Human Settlements in Crisis, Sustainable Urban Development Network (SUD-Net), UN Urban Gateway Group
Saumya Jain affordable housing, regional_planning, sustainable_urbanization, sustainable transport, environmental sustainability, Peri-Urban Development, Urban Governance, energy efficiency, Labour Inter-Regional Movement
Sangaye Kweegbo Liberia, West Africa, Environmental Affiars, Bachelor in Social Science, environmental policies, environmental sustainability
pouya joodi environmental urban and territorial planning, environmental sustainability, planning culture
Nico Groen environmental sustainability, Sustainable Aquaculture, sustainable housing, Health Promotion, food security hub Global Housing Strategy, UN Urban Gateway Group, World Urban Forum
Melissa Pineda Master of Environments, environmental sustainability, master in environment, environmental ethics, urban planning and design, animal welfare, wildlife sensitive design
Makrand Bhoot affordable housing, affordable housing policy, architect and planner, city-region planning, disaster resilliancy, green building consultants, energy, environmental sustainability
Komal Dixit India, graduate, environmental engineer, environmental sustainability, New York City, social cause, community development, development planning
Indra-Jeet Mistry mitigation, informal urbanism, environment, environmental sustainability, Socially sustainable urban development, slum urbanism, climate change
IHS, Institute for Housing & Urban Development of Erasmus University Rotterdam Academic, Brazil, China, Indonesia, CANADA, sustainable urban development, Regional and urban planning, affordable housing policy, #PhD Urban Studies, Heritage, Urban economy, environmental sustainability, local economic development