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Verena Lenna urban studies, Land policy, affordable housing policy, commons, Rights-Based Urban Development, citizen empowerment
Kristin Agnello CANADA, Masters degree, city-region planning, Master of Planning ( Urban and Regional Planning), master planning, Collaborative Urban Design, urban design, graphic design, Design for All, planning policy, affordable housing policy, Land policy, policy analysis, culture
IHS, Institute for Housing & Urban Development of Erasmus University Rotterdam Academic, Brazil, China, Indonesia, CANADA, sustainable urban development, Regional and urban planning, affordable housing policy, #PhD Urban Studies, Heritage, Urban economy, environmental sustainability, local economic development
Dalius Vrubliauskas Academic Level, affordable housing policy, sustainable housing, sustainable_urbanization
Bhavik Raval affordable housing, affordable housing policy, architect and planner, advocacy, city-region planning
Imoro Braimah advocacy, affordable housing policy, Africa, Ghana, informal urbanism
Parth Chitte affordable housing policy, affordable housing, advocacy, environmental urban and territorial planning, national urban policies, postgraduate in regional and urban planning, urban planning, urban planning and design, Urban Governance
Hrishiraj Sarma India, urban planning, Urban & Regional Planner, affordable housing, postgraduate in regional and urban planning, architect and planner, advocacy, affordable housing policy, architecture, Geoinformatics, sustainable_urbanization, environmental sustainability, city-region planning, habitat, Urban Governance
Pusp Raj Bhatt architecture, Architect, architect and planner, affordable housing, affordable housing policy, Regional and urban planning, urban planning
Makrand Bhoot affordable housing, affordable housing policy, architect and planner, city-region planning, disaster resilliancy, green building consultants, energy, environmental sustainability