Name Tags Partner affiliations Group affiliations
Melissa Pineda Master of Environments, environmental sustainability, master in environment, environmental ethics, urban planning and design, animal welfare, wildlife sensitive design
Mridul Nischal Academic, Intelligent Transportation system, smart cities, urban planning and design, Urban and Regional Planning, Project Management
Jeremiah Ougo Kenya, sustainable urban development, urban planning and design Kenya Urban Debate
Fariba Yousefi urban, Best Practices, networks, urban planning and design Urban Best Practice Network
Parth Chitte affordable housing policy, affordable housing, advocacy, environmental urban and territorial planning, national urban policies, postgraduate in regional and urban planning, urban planning, urban planning and design, Urban Governance
Carrick Reddin youth, united states, social urbanism, urban planning and design, student
Ibrahim Bahreldin informal urbanism, environmental urban and territorial planning, Capacity_development, urban planning and design Global Network on Safer Cities, Human Settlements in Crisis, Sustainable Urban Development Network (SUD-Net), World Habitat Day, World Urban Forum
Farnaz Arefian Middle East, Asia, PhD, Collaborative Urban Design, architecture, Programming, urban planning and design, Disaster Management, reconstruction Global Housing Strategy, Silk Cities, UN Urban Gateway Group
Mohamed Gamal Abdelmonem Action Research, architecture, urban planning and design Global Housing Strategy, UN Urban Gateway Group
Jens Aerts sustainable_urbanization, United nations, active transportation, Europe, united states, urban planning and design, urban policy UN Urban Gateway Group