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Jaakko Vantspijker Architect, architect and planner, city-region planning, urban health; urban development; social development; sustainable development, sense of place, identity and placemaking, affordable housing, public space, campus design jvantspijker urbanism architecture, Jvantspijker urbanism architecture research b.v. Global Housing Strategy, UN Urban Gateway Group
Gregory Baer architect and planner Global Housing Strategy, UN Urban Gateway Group
Thomas Stellmach architect and planner, city-region planning, planned city expansion, UN-Habitat, urbanism, updb Achieving Sustainable Urban Development (ASUD), UN Urban Gateway Group
Fabio Barilari Italy, Rome, Housing, affordable housing, Harbor, city-region planning, campus design, Design, graphic design, Green Building Design, green building consultants, Architect, architect and planner, architecture, Landscape and Architecture, Academic, arquitectura, Harbor Design, urban design, interior urbanism, Project for Public Spaces, illustration Human Settlements in Crisis, Public Group, Rebuilding Homes - Rebuilding Lives in Myanmar , UN Urban Gateway Group, Urban Gateway Videos
Federico Monica PhD planning, West Africa, informal urbanism, low-tec, architect and planner, development UN Urban Gateway Group