Program on People's Republic of China International Fellowship

The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Program on the People’s Republic of China cordially invites proposals for academic papers addressing land, urban and fiscal issues relating to urbanization in China. Preference will be given to policy-oriented empirical studies and international comparative studies. Three focus areas are indicated below:


  1. Land-Based Finance and Municipal Fiscal Sustainability.  This area focuses on the provision of municipal public services and the land-based revenue sources to pay for them, as well as the issues relating to municipal fiscal sustainability.
  2. Land Policy.  This area focuses on issues relating to land policy reform and the efficiency and equity of urban land use management. 
  3. Urban Transformation.  This area focuses on the patterns and dynamics of urban transformation from one or more of the following perspectives—economic, social, institutional and spatial.



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Deadline/closing date: 
Wednesday, November 30, 2016