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Housing Support Services Specialist Kerubo Osebe 8 Oct 2012
Senior Staff Assistant (To The Executive Director), G6,(Nairobi),Deadline:25 March 2012 alphonce juma 13 Mar 2012
Water Engineer (national position) Dennis Maranga 15 Nov 2016
Senior Education Specialist/ Economist, The World Bank, Niger Alan Mwendwa 6 May 2014
Food Security and Livelihood Coordinatot - Myanmar Dennis Maranga 24 Oct 2016
Internal Review Manager, CNFA, United States of America Alan Mwendwa 8 Apr 2014
Director of Finance and Resources, Solace Women’s Aid, London Alan Mwendwa 25 Apr 2014
Shelter Project Coordinator-Norwegain Refugee Council AMMAN, JORDAN James Kibet 1 Mar 2016
Programme Office, UNICEF, New York Alan Mwendwa 6 Mar 2014
Se anuncia el 5º Premio al Periodismo Sobre Innovación Científica y Tecnológica Luca Mershed 23 Mar 2014
Water Supply Engineer Dereck Ngala 23 Nov 2015
Call for Experts - USAID South Sudan MAGIC Project Alan Mwendwa 23 Dec 2013
Lead Health Specialist/Lead Health Economist, The World Bank Alan Mwendwa 4 Feb 2014
Fall Analyst Fellow Ronald Clark 22 Jul 2013
Programme Officer (Forensic Expert), P3 James Kibet 22 Oct 2013
Senior Education Management Information System (EMIS) Advisor, Tanzania Lauren Badger 8 Aug 2017
South Carolina – Israel R&D Program 1st Request for Proposals Alan Mwendwa 3 Dec 2013
Human Settlements Officer, P3 Edna Osebe 25 Jan 2013
Tenure track position in Environmental Economic Geography in Vancouver, Canada Meg Holden 28 Feb 2017
Jennings Randolph Peace Scholarship Dissertation Program Kerubo Osebe 19 Sep 2012
Master/Urban Planning Specialist (Retainer/Home based), Home Based Dennis Maranga 30 Dec 2016
Becas del Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachussets (USA) Javier A. Becer... 28 Aug 2014
Descuentos en pasajes aéreos para estudiantes y académicos (OIM) Javier A. Becer... 18 Aug 2014
Visiting Research Fellowships program Ngozi Obasi 27 Jun 2013
Evaluation Team Specialist, Gender, Assessment of Development Results, UNDP, Malaysia Alan Mwendwa 3 Jun 2014
Salaries and Remuneration Commission logo competition Edna Osebe 12 Mar 2012
Evaluation Officer, UNEP, Kenya Alan Mwendwa 20 May 2014
Assistant Research Officer - Policy Impact Kerubo Osebe 17 Oct 2012
Systems Developer - KenolKobil Edna Osebe 24 Apr 2012
Seminario sobre Administración Económica para Países Hispánicos de 2014. Javier A. Becer... 12 May 2014 UN Urban Gateway Group
Taller Pinxeles en Rosario / ¡Participa por una beca! Diana Negrea 14 Apr 2014 UN Urban Gateway Group
Programme Manager, UNOPS, Brazil Alan Mwendwa 28 Apr 2014
Programme Management Officer, Human Settlements P4 (2 Positions) James Kibet 22 Mar 2016
Programa de estímulos a la innovación Javier A. Becer... 10 Mar 2014 UN Urban Gateway Group
Project Management Associate, Chemonics, Washington Alan Mwendwa 27 Mar 2014
Call for Papers: The Annual Bank Conference on Africa, Managing the Challenges and Opportunities of Urbanization in Africa James Kibet 10 Dec 2015
Advocacy Officer - Open Society Foundations Alan Mwendwa 6 Jan 2014
Volunteer HR Office Assistant, War Child Alan Mwendwa 17 Feb 2014
Human Settlements Officer, BARCELONA James Kibet 17 Feb 2015
PROGRAMME OFFICER (Urban Economist), P4 Ronald Clark 5 Aug 2013
Budget Officer, Nairobi (P-3) James Kibet 7 Nov 2013
Consultant to develop an action plan on policy and processes reform and reintegration in migration Kerubo Osebe 19 Feb 2013
ECO-Cities India Team Assistant - New Delhi, India Dennis Maranga 13 Mar 2017
Fifth Call For Applications To UN-Habitat Urban Youth Fund Edna Osebe 1 Feb 2013
Becas Escalar: para estudiantes secundarios y universitarios de Córdoba Javier A. Becer... 6 Aug 2014
Becas DAAD - Leibniz de doctorado y posdoctorales (Alemania) Javier A. Becer... 18 Aug 2014
The Department of Sociology and Social Research of the University of Milan-Bicocca offers 6 Ph.D. scholarships Ngozi Obasi 18 Jul 2013
Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Specialists, Social Impact, Indonesia Alan Mwendwa 29 Jul 2014
2012 ONE Africa Award Sara Deye 4 Sep 2012