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[ Event ] Posted on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 - 14:01
The conference aims to inspire the next frontier of research focused on the science of cities and climate change. The primary goal of the conference is to assess the state of academic and practice-based knowledge related to cities and climate change, and to establish a global research agenda based on the joint identification of key gaps by the academic, practitioner and urban policy-making... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 - 12:49
Projects involving slum communities aim to collect and share information on their needs with city policy makers and investors   As people flock to cities around the world in search of work and a better life, municipal authorities are struggling to meet rising demand for housing, jobs, transport, healthcare, food and water. That challenge is made even harder by the stresses of climate change,... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 - 12:46
The number of cities getting at least 70% of their total electricity supply from renewable energy has more than doubled since 2015 The number of cities reporting they are predominantly powered by clean energy has more than doubled since 2015, as momentum builds for cities around the world to switch from fossil fuels to renewable sources. Data published on Tuesday by the not-for-profit... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 - 16:28
The world has made tremendous progress in bridging the gap between water supply and demand. But there’s a long way still to go. In a 2017 joint monitoring report UNICEF and the World Health Organisation noted that more than 844 million people – many of them in sub-Saharan Africa – still don’t have access to improved and safely managed drinking water sources. Clean drinking water sources Image... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 - 15:52
A Boeing engineer once explained to me that aeroplanes do not really exist. These sleek monsters that carry us to the farthest reaches of the planet were, to him, no more than a million parts flying in close formation, not a single one of which was capable of flying by itself. What turns a million parts into an aeroplane is the organization and interconnection of those parts. It would take an... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 - 15:38
New political, diplomatic and financial measures have been outlined by European Commission officials to help cities achieve their climate action plans during a summit at the European Parliament in Brussels celebrating the 10th anniversary of the EU Covenant of Mayors. Maroš Šefčovič, Vice President of the European Commission
 recalled how dramatically things have changed since the covenant was... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 - 15:05
Urban resets are pretty rare in history but once in a century or two they appear. When the old system finally implodes, ideas lurking under the previous system are finally able to rise to the top to set the new patterns. Arguably everything CNU has done to date is a prelude to the real moment of urban reset just at our doorstep. Form based codes, neo-traditional neighborhoods, and other new urban... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 - 14:45
Efforts to protect biodiversity are now focusing less on preserving pristine areas and more on finding room for wildlife on the margins of human development. As urban areas keep expanding, it is increasingly the only way to allow species to survive.  ne morning not long ago, in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, I traveled with a Wildlife Conservation Society biologist on a switchback route... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 - 14:41
The rate of Urbanization in Africa rose from fifteen percent in 1960 to forty percent in 2010, it is even expected to reach sixty percent by 2050. In this context, Africans are discussing how smart cities technologies can be involved to facilitate and improve living conditions. Countries across the continent are aiming at developing smart cities to use greener energy in their daily routine.... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 - 14:39
Gotham Greens’ boxed lettuces have been popping up on the shelves of high-end grocers in New York and the Upper Midwest since 2009, and with names like “Windy City Crunch,” “Queens Crisp,” and “Blooming Brooklyn Iceberg,” it’s clear the company is selling a story as much as it is selling salad. Grown in hydroponic greenhouses on the rooftops of buildings in New York and Chicago, the greens are... Read more