Urban Complex Summit SEA 2019

Over the past decade, robust economic growth and capital influx have been powering the Southeast Asia real estate market; urban construction becomes an important mission for the most of countries in Southeast Asia. In recent years, more and more mixed use projects are being developed in cities of Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia etc. Among these cities, the rapid growth of Kuala Lumpur’s population and economy has made more and more investors pay attention to this vigorous city. Developing mixed projects has become more and more important for urban development, but in the meantime, developers, designers, architects and EPCs are confronted with many complex questions such as tedious decision making process, and projects involving a lot of regulations and legislation problems etc.

“Urban Complex Summit SEA 2019” will be held on August 15th -16th 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The summit serves as an international platform for government officials, industry associations, real estate developers, architectural design institutes and technology suppliers to discuss the development ideas and long-term planning of global urban complexes, exchange intelligent and creative development trends of urban complex industry, share and explore the technical challenges involved in the construction and operation of urban complexes, so as to find the best business partners in the market.


Major Issues to be Addressed at the 2019 Event

  • Urban Complex Industry Trends and Insights of Southeast Asia 2019
  •  Will TOD Become a New Battlefield for Real Estate Developers?
  • How to Properly Select Financially Viable, Marketable and Sustainable Urban Complex Projects to Invest
  • Application Practice of BIM Technology in Urban Complex Construction
  • Big Data Application in Urban Complexes
  • The Intelligent Road of Urban Complex
  • Green Productivity of Buildings in Urban Complex Construction
  • Sustainable Development of Mixed Use Projects
  • Experiential Business Models Focusing on Innovation
  • Exploring the Key Points and Difficulties of Urban Planning under the New Situation
  • How to Cope With the Complexity of Mixed-use Projects
  • Innovative Concept of Mixed Use Planning and Design
  • Innovation and Transformation of Mixed Use Projects with New Architectural Elements
  • Certification of Mixed Use Project: Insights in Southeast Asia Certification Rules
  • Safe Operation of Urban Complex Projects

Source:Urban Complex Summit SEA 2019

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Start date: 
Thursday, August 15, 2019
End date: 
Friday, August 16, 2019