Trash 4 Art Exhibition

Promoting Sustainable Solid Waste Management

October 1, 2018
UNON complex, Gigiri

Creative initiatives to turn environmental waste into objects of art and fashion are gaining global recognition due to increasing awareness of the need to eliminate use of products made from plastic and other non - bio degradable materials that have a negative long-term impact on the environment. Companies, brands, and artists both big and small, are joining forces to promote environmentally friendly commercially viable products made from waste.

Meet the artists

Ms. Joan Otieno will showcase wearable fashion pieces made from recycled waste. She has empowered members of her community by equipping them with skills to generate income by recycling various products. Joan also creates functional household art such as chandeliers made of plastic cups.
Mr. Cephas Mutua recycles Jerrycans turning them into 2 dimensional paintings of people and faces. He will display his work in the main lobby, working in real time on a piece about the city and its inhabitants and inviting participants to take part in the process.
Mr. Patrick Mukabi who has over 20 years of experience as an art savant and teacher will create an illusion piece made of recycled waste. The piece brings to life the human element in waste production, waste management and responsible disposal. Patrick will host a 20-minute workshop on how to turn waste into art.
Mr. Dickens Otieno is a sculptor who creates clothing and other pieces from recycled cans and metals. He will create a city plan showcased on a leso fabric sculpture made from recycled cans collected during the month of September. It will hang at the art display area alongside clothes he has made from recycled materials.
Mr. Kenneth (Kaymist) Otieno is another mixed media artist who will create an interactive graffiti piece to engage participants to write messages related to waste management. He also creates small motorcycle toys from recycled wire.
Mr. Anthony Muya is a visual creative artist famous for collage pieces. He is adept in using recycled materials. Such as old used magazines, newspapers and broken tiles. He creates landscapes and images that portray the human experience. The creation of these pieces are labour intensive but his passion has seen him through over the last twenty years.

Start date: 
Monday, October 1, 2018
End date: 
Monday, October 1, 2018