Egalitarian metropolitan spaces

Metropolis launches the fourth edition of the Metropolis Observatory's collection of publications. This issue paper entitled "Egalitarian metropolitan spaces" has been written in collaboration with Ms. Ana Falú, feminist architect and coordinator of the UN-Habitat Gender Hub.

Although significant advances towards acknowledging women’s rights have been made, there is still much to be done to achieve them. Among the most important and urgent issues still to address, the following stand out: the gaps between rich and poor; the persistent sexual division of labour; the complexity of different types of violence; the low accessibility of public services and facilities such as schools, childcare, health services, and so on; the current limited scope of the right to the city. This issue paper analyses this reality through the prism of the metropolitan territory, showing examples of practical cases, and offering proposals and recommendations in the construction of a governance and metropolitan planning with a gender perspective.

With this publication, Metropolis reaffirms its commitment to promoting fairer and more inclusive metropolises, while suggesting that two of the most important perspectives for understanding and taking action in the contemporary world be brought together: gender perspective and a vision for public policies on a metropolitan scale.

Source: Metropolises

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