Safer and Stronger Cities; Strategies for Advocating For Federal Resilience Policy

This report offers a menu of federal recommendations organized into five chapters focusing on infrastructure, housing, economic development and public safety. Each chapter includes a set of strategies, background on the issue, explanations of the role of the Federal Government, listing of potential allies in advocating for the recommendations, and relevant examples of current or previous local, state, and federal actions. To better support city resilience, these recommendations include high level proposals for cities to coordinate with federal government for both legislative and agency actions, which cities can drive forward. Policy and program changes will increase or leverage investment from the private sector are highlighted. The Appendices include a selected reading list of articles and reports from government and non-governmental organizations, a list of other ideas not detailed into strategies in this report, and a list of contributors to this project.

Source: 100 Resilient Cities

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100 Resilient Cities