Sustainable urban development for addressing climate change challenges in the Mediterranean region

Well-planned urbanisation has become a global trend for the sustainability of our planet. Achieving sustainable urban development is inconceivable without relating it to climate change. To devise an effective and collective response to climate change, we have no option but to place the fight in the hands of both cities and national governments. Cities today, especially in the developed world, contribute around 70% of the greenhouse emissions. Many coastal areas in the world are victims of major disasters caused by the immediate or related effects of climate change. 

The Mediterranean region is already witnessing the worst migration crisis in its history, fuelled by the tragic consequences of the conflicts in Syria and Libya. Conflicts in the region have changed the lives of many people and triggered significant migration movements to Europe or neighbouring countries in the MENA region. Population and economic growth, industrial development, urbanisation and rising standards of living accompanied with changes in consumption patterns in the MENA region, together with heavy reliance on oil and gas, has led to growing greenhouse gas emissions in the region....continue reading on page 36.



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Dr Joan Clos

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