The outputs and products of the City Prosperity Initiative

The outputs and products of the City Prosperity Initiative

1. The City Profile Briefing:

The City Profile Briefing recognizes the analytical connections and crucial local differences of the city, allowing local authorities to connect and interact with citizens and urban experts. It is an opportunity for governments to receive systematic feedback on the level of prosperity of the city, promoting a more inclusive participation in decision-making and urban management process. The Circle of Prosperity analysis produces a preliminary understanding and interpretative description of the city, providing feedback on the perceived city’s prosperity and sustainability. The City Profile Briefing provides recommendations that can help cities’ future communications strategy, establishing a baseline and targets to measure progress in the future. 

Tool: Circle of Prosperity ( 

Method: The Circle of Prosperity assesses how people understand and feel about the different dimensions of prosperity, built upon a comprehensive perception survey. The Circle of Prosperity method facilitates greater collaboration between the government, private sector and civil society.

Cost: 43,000 USD$

Duration: 6 Months


2. The State of the City Report

The State of the City Report provides recommendations that can help in the definition of more informed public policies allowing decision-makers to document the performance of cities at the outcome level. The CPI Index provides the necessary data and information to promote greater coordination of roles and responsibilities in key priority areas of urban development. Thanks to the flexible approach of the CPI Index , the State of the City Report will take into account local needs and priorities offering a detailed assessment of the contextual aspects of the city, which provides greater understanding of the interrelations between different dimensions of urban development. The State of the City report will help governments to identify priority areas and relevant key issues of sustainable urban development for more effective and efficient investment planning.

Tool: City Prosperity Index (

Method: The City Prosperity Index is a composite index that measures how cities create and distribute socio-economic benefits. The Index also provides a wealth of new analytical tools based on spatial indicators, such as street connectivity, public space and agglomeration economies.

Cost: 150,000 USD$

Duration: 12 Months


3. The City Action Plan

The implementation of a detailed Action Plan increases the possibilities of positive impacts on the city growth and transformation. Building on the findings of the Circle of Prosperity and the City Prosperity Index analysis, the policy evaluation model supports the definition of city-visions and action plans that are both ambitious and measurable. This approach provides precise policies and actions to be implemented by the city to increase its shared prosperity. The possibility of linking policy decisions to preliminary impact assessments favors the adoption of multi-sectoral and integrated actions that can increase the likelihood of better prosperity outcomes for the whole city. The City Action Plan will propose a limited number of transformational interventions, designed according to the main components of the New Urban Agenda.

Tool: Policy Evaluation Mode (

Method: The strong integration and connection between the different dimensions and indicators of the City Prosperity Initiative allows a precise a priori policy evaluation.

Cost: 250,000 USD$

Duration: 18 Months