The Southwest coastal region of Bangladesh is geographically disaster prone comprises of unique sensitive ecosystem with rich biodiversity. The unsolicited human interventions and adverse impact of climate change kept a negative impact on the environment, ecology and biodiversity in this region and creating vulnerabilities to human lives and livelihoods. People are bound to change profession, basic human rights are violated, especially women and child rights are neglected.   

It was in such a situation that in 1999 a group of young energetic and socially committed and enthusiastic are formed ‘AOSED (An Organization for Socio-Economic Development)’ to work together for conserving environment, ecology, biodiversity and addressing challenges of  climate change  to improve  the standard of lives and livelihoods of grassroots people.

Since the beginning of our journey, AOSED is implementing different projects and programmes on safe water, health and hygiene, agriculture, disaster, environment and climate change issues. During this, organization has gained knowledge, experiences and developed expertise on social mobilization, easy communicative educational materials development, capacity and effective linkage  building of stakeholders, technology and assets transfer, optimum uses of natural resources and community-base management system, local level adoption strategy, planning and involve with policy advocacy.