Youth For Public Transport (Y4PT)

Youth For Public Transport (Y4PT) - - is a Belgium-based international youth-led pro-sustainable-mobility non-profit non-governmental organization (iNGO) created by International Association of Public Transport (UITP) - - acting as its "Parent Organization" and sustained by Ferrovie Nord Milano (FNM) S.p.A. - - acting as its "Honorary Founding Member".

Y4PT encourages the active participation of young people to advocate sustainable mobility by promoting the integrated use of public transport along with other means and modes of transport, in order to seek a greater welfare and a better quality of life for all people throughout the world, especially young people.

Y4PT advocates and communicates on sustainable mobility from a youth approach. Furthermore Y4PT fosters employment, education and participation opportunities for young people in the transport-related mobility sector worldwide.

Y4PT was thought up and is supported by UITP and is sponsored by its members and other stakeholders around the world.