Network of Youths for Development in Africa (NYDA)

The Network of Youths for Development in Africa is a corporate organisation incorporated in Nigeria under the Companies and Allied Matters (CAM) Act, as a company Limited by Guarantee. It was set to function as a civil society organisation with the following mandate and objectives:
1. Promote, encourage and facilitate national development, unity and integration in Africa beginning with Nigeria.
2. Promote and help instill true spirit of patriotism among Nigerians and Africans as a whole.
3. Encourage the spirit of oneness and togetherness among Nigerians.
4. Support ECOWAS and other organisations that have Africa at heart in promoting, encouraging and building lasting peace and national security in African states
5. Encourage and promote true Ambassadorial spirit in every African and Nigerian in particular.
6. Promote and encourage good governance, democratic and quality leadership and its dividends among Africans with Nigeria as a beginning point.
7. Encourage, build and develop African youths for quality and excellent services, and instill the spirit of volunteerism for life
8. Build and prepare youths for effective and efficient leadership beginning from the cradle.
9. Promote, teach and celebrate standards, moral values, professional ethics, African norms and cultures for national development.
10. Instill and inculcate sense of commitment, integrity, transparency and creativity among the future leaders in primary and secondary schools through club activities.
11. Encourage and promote youth entrepreneurship among Africans so as to lessen or possibly eradicate the teaming number of unemployed youths who result to social vices and unrest.
12. Promote equality and discourage social stigma and differentiation among Africans and particularly Nigerian youths and leaders.

13. Do all such other lawful things as may be considered to be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.

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