Environmental Protection and Development Association (EPDA Cameroon)

Environmental Protection and Development Association (EPDA Cameroon) is a nonprofit and nongovernmental organization based at Bonadikombo Mile 4 in Limbe, Cameroon founded in 2008 and legalized in 2010 to respond to community development challenges.
EPDA Cameroon is committed to advance global priority issues notably economic development, food security, inadequate access to water and sanitation facilities, climate change, forest and environmental challenges, watershed degradation, local governance, violence and human rights abuse, gender inequalities, poverty, hunger and low capacities to take full range actions. While we address to the above issues, we focus on three main pillars of operations namely: peace, social integrity and environmental sustainability.
MISSION: To enable low-income communities to improve their quality of life and livelihoods through the promotion of peace and social justice, the support of environmental education, and alleviation of poverty.
VISION: We envision a just, peaceful and sustainable world without hunger and poverty.

Afiliaciones del Grupo: 
UN-Habitat join hands with UN Women to promote women’s voice, access and safety in sustainable urban development