Jepara Wood Factory

Jepara Wood Factory A reliable manufacturers, exporter that produce various types of wooden furniture.Wooden furniture industry in Jepara, Indonesia produce world-class quality teak wood products focusing Solid Teak Furniture offers natural finished wood carving and fully providing wholesale furniture at competitive factory price. Javanese teak wood carving art that offers both vintage and modern furniture design, manufacturing of Solid Wood Furniture that made by professional craftsman from Jepara. Indonesia Furniture A wide range of Natural teak is very much popular worldwide, as a market reference industry. Jepara Furniture production represents the Indonesia furniture from legal teak wood made by experienced artisan made from high quality Teak Wood Furniture based in Jepara, Indonesia.

Fine and Solid Teak Furniture made in Indonesia Javanese wood carving art with high skills offers an exclusive range of the future of high quality wooden furniture in Jepara.Indonesian furniture industry to serve the needs of carved wood furniture that has already known worldwide for its unique and finest quality ancestors legacy furniture maker skills.Jepara Furniture wooden competent reference and reliable manufacturer located in Jepara, proudly committed to supply essential product to use kiln-dried wood before processing, a special attention produce original teak Jepara, for marketing to all countries in many continents.Indonesia classic carving furniture exporter with teak wood business in style Indonesian, indoor and outdoor furniture manufacturers which is located in Jepara, Central Java of Indonesia.Jepara Teak Wood Furniture Wholesale Manufacturing and exporting high quality contemporary Jepara Furniture and leading high-end international retailers as well as wholesale terms. T