Working for a Better Urban Future-Annual Report 2018

This is the fifth Annual Performance Report on progress made in the implementation of the six-year strategic plan (2014-2019) and delivery of the biennial work programme for 2018-2019. The strategic plan is being implemented through three consecutive biennial work programmes and budgets and this is the final phase. The 2018 Annual Performance Report has been prepared in accordance with Governing Council resolution 26/3 of May 2017. In line with the request of Member States, the report presents progress made towards planned results (expected accomplishments), measured against their indicator targets for 2018/2019. In addition, the report describes results or changes realized in 2018 at local, national, regional and global levels with the contribution of UN-Habitat and partners. Some of the transformations taking place with UN-Habitat support are demonstrated through impact stories presented in each subprogramme. The report integrates result of inputs from the four Regional Offices, the countries they cover, as well as from the seven thematic branches.

The report contains four sections. Section 1 presents the Executive Summary which includes, institutional highlights of 2018; financial performance highlights, programmatic highlights and summary of cross cutting, advocacy and partnerships, evaluation and audit. We have also included a timeline of key events for the year 2018. Section 2 presents detailed analytical briefs on the performance of each of the seven subprogrammes. Section 3 presents Regional highlights and Section 4 presents an analysis in the areas of advocacy and partnerships, cross-cutting issues, financial performance, evaluations as well as audit.

Source: UN-Habitat

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