Urban Development Initiative For The Canaan Area of Port-Au-Prince Haiti

The initiative, following a comprehensive analysis, provides a strategic vision for Canaan and creates a consensus
amongst stakeholders on how the area should develop in the following 20 years. From the governance perspective, the initiative has supported the strengthening of national and municipal governments’ administration capacities, as well as the establishment of links between the government and community groups. Following extensive dialogue, the visions of the different actors for the northern area of Port-Au-Prince are presented as a system of interrelated urban, peri-urban and rural environments that are structured under seven pillars:

1- Compact

2- Accessible

3- Socially inclusive

4- Resilient

5- Economically vibrant

6- Quality of life

7- Coordinated

A set of strategies, that concretely addresses the challenges, objectives and tangible actions to be undertaken, are
suggested as a way to implement the seven pillars. The prioritization of these strategies has been the negotiated result ofthe participative process and frequent interactions and meetings with stakeholders.

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