UN-Habitat 2020 Catalogue of Services

The 2020 Catalogue of Services provides an overview of some of the tried and tested services UN-Habitat offers to support national governments, local governments, and stakeholders. This Catalogue provides a sampling of how UN-Habitat can support these partners to solve challenges and to advance sustainable urban development, though it does not capture all of UN-Habitat’s services, expertise, and tools.

UN-Habitat receives requests for assistance to address particular challenges faced by cities, regions and countries; therefore, this resource is divided into sub-sections to allow readers to quickly locate services that are most relevant for their context and priorities. Each service is tagged to clarify: which SDGs it supports; which outcome area of UN-Habitat’s Strategic Plan it supports; if it is highly relevant to COVID-19 recovery; and, finally, if it includes a capacity building component.

Source: UN-Habitat



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