Special Issue on “Sustainable Urban Design”








Special Issue on “Sustainable Urban Design”


Ying Zhang, Yuanyi Zhang and Anrong Dang

Editorial Introduction

Special Issue on “Sustainable Urban Design”


Tiyao SUI-QUI and Hong LENG

Review on the Development of a Sustainability Indicator System in Agenda 21 for Tourism in Mexico


Kuan-Hua Huang and Jen-Te Pai

A Study on Promotion Mechanisms and the Future of Government-led Urban Renewal Projects from the Perspective of Land Ethics


Jen Te Pai and Shih Ying Pai

User Behaviour Analysis of the Public Bike System in Taipei


Yuanyi Zhang, Ying Zhang, Zhenjiang Shen, Tatsuya Nishino and Xiaojuan Chen

3D Laser Scanning Technology-based Historic Building Mapping for Historic Preservation

A Case Study of Shang Shu Di in Fujian Province, China


Kenichi Sugihara

Automatic Generation of 3D Building Models for Sustainable Development


Yushi Utaka

Managing “Buffer”

A Special Focus on the Itsukushima Shinto Shrine World Heritage Site, Japan