Key players’ perspective on climate change in the Mediterranean

This is a defining moment. Together, we are starting to build towards the low-carbon era. This is indeed a collective effort. States, communities, civil society organisations, businesses, international and intergovernmental organisations: we are all mobilised for the challenges that face us. The complexity of the climate challenge requires us to not only work at the global level but also to foster support at the appropriate intermediary levels. The Euro-Mediterranean region is undeniably one of these levels. By strengthening cooperation, the Euro-Mediterranean States can improve the efficiency of their respective climate-related policies and, together, move towards the implementation of the Paris Agreement, for which they are all collectively responsible. The COP21, organised by France, was decision time. It laid the foundation for a new, ambitious climate regime based on collective action. The COP22, which is being hosted by Morocco, is time for action.

Source: UfM Secretariat

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