IRSPSD Volumne 5 No.3


Special issue on urbanization in the Gulf


Rim Meziani and Jen Te Pai

Editorial Introduction

Special issue on urbanization in the Gulf



Adnan Husnéin

The Evolving Role of Modern Urbanistic Heritage in Shaping Sustainable Public Realm:

The Case of Abu Dhabi



Talal Al-Awadhi

Local Spatial Impacts of Globalization in Developing Countries:

The Case of Sohar, Oman



Emad S. Mushtaha

Qualitative Study on Urban Morphology and Social Problems in Multi-Story Housing Projects

Ajman City as a Case Study



Rim Meziani and Hussien Ali Hussien

A Study on the Space Layout and Configuration of Shopping Malls in Relation to Pedestrian Movement Behavior - Case of UAE


Regular Research Article



Yi-Su Chen and Li-Wei Liu

Interaction and Integration of Cultural Inheritance, Ecotourism, and Industrial Development

Strategies, Mechanisms and Spatial Practice of The Amis Dietary Culture Transformed into Creativity Living Industry


Dillip Kumar Das

Exploring the Politico-Cultural Dimensions for Development of Smart Cities in India


Jiangping Zhou, Mingshu Wang, Ying Long

Big data for intrametropolitan human movement studies

A case study of bus commuters based on smart card data


Seth Mberego, Yan Li

The Expansion of Densely Inhabited Districts in a Megacity - Case of Tokyo

Gateway Fields