IRSPSD Volume 2 No.4


Special Issue on “Local Wisdom for Better City Planning”





Respati Wikantiyoso and Pindo Tutuko

Editorial Introduction

Special Issue on Local Wisdom for Better City Planning


Bambang Soemardiono and Ardhyasa Fabrian Gusma

The Development of Code River Area in Yogyakarta as a Sustainable Urban Landscape Asset acknowledging Local Traditional Knowledge


Innocent Chirisa , Shingai T Kawadza and Archimedes Muzenda

Unexplored Elasticity of Planning and Good Governance in Harare, Zimbabwe


Lalu Mulyadi

Review on Main Characteristic of Historical City as an Urban Design Alternative: A case study in Cakranegara City, Indonesia


Xia Mo and Weiqiang Wang

Review on a Practical Approach of Sustainable Urban Design Strategy in the Perspective of Conflict in Shanghai


Rudyanto Soesilo

Local Wisdom as the Ontological Foundation to Postmodern Urban-Design in a Developing Country

The case of Semarang city, Mid-Java, Indonesia


Arifuddin Akil, Ananto Yudono, Ihsan Latief, and Abdul Mufti Radja

Application of Buginese-Makassarese culture in Makassar City, Indonesia

A Reference in the Coastal City Planning



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