Global Experiences in Land Readjustment: Urban Legal Case Studies: Volume 7

Global Experiences in Land Readjustment is a valuable source of information and ideas on the implementation of land readjustment. It offers experiences from developing countries and countries with economies in transition and its primary purpose is to demonstrate that land readjustment is a practical and useful tool for addressing a variety of spatial and development challenges in a range of contexts. The case studies presented include experiences from Angola, Bhutan, Chile, China, Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Russia, Thailand and Turkey.

This book will help countries, especially those in the Global South, to identify and explore choices, and their likely impacts, and, as a result, improve the quality and durability of project outcomes. It may also be useful in implementing urbanisation policy, as it provides examples of the resources and institutional capacities required to deliver different types of project.

The book does not aim at giving the perfect formula for a successful land readjustment or even that land readjustment is a magic bullet for the challenges of urbanisation. Nonetheless, it does establish land readjustment as one of the most flexible tools available to all countries to bring citizens, planners and governments at all levels together with the aim of making ordered urbanisation at scale possible.

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Source: UN-Habitat

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