Global 500 greenhouse gases performance 2010-2013: 2014 report on trends

With government representatives having just gathered in Lima, Peru, to discuss cuts in their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the timing is ripe to discuss the role of the world’s business sector in likewise reducing emissions. Are the world’s 500 largest businesses (Global 500) reducing their GHG emissions at a rate consistent with the global scientific consensus on the risks of climate change?

As discussed in this report, the Global 500 are directly and indirectly (through the energy they use) responsible for more than 10 percent of worldwide GHG emissions. “Responsibility” in this context is a complex concept. Nearly all of us regularly use the products from the largest emitters of GHG. We are all a part of a stakeholder network that shares in the benefits provided by modern industry, but also in the responsibility for managing the impact of that industry on our planet, and the planet that subsequent generations will inhabit.

Source: Thomson Reuters

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