Finance for City Leaders Handbook

Cities are a driving force of the 21st century, through bringing large numbers of people into close proximity, they spark economic growth, foster innovation, and generate prosperity. But they face the pressing challenges of creating a livable environment for their residents, enabling economic activity that benefits all citizens, and fostering urban development
that is environmentally sustainable, equitable, and resilient to disruptive forces. Particularly urgent is the need to finance this development: To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, an estimated $3 trillion to $4 trillion is needed annually. In an increasingly urban world, cities play a pivotal role in closing this financial gap.

The FCL handbook present is plain format, (i) basic principles of Municipal Finance, (ii) Designing complex financial instruments, and (iii) Cross cutting issues.

More than 30 leading experts contributed to this publication, from Brookings Institutions, World Bank-International Finance Corporation IFC, International Monetary Fund-IMF, Kommuninvest-Sweden, C40 Cities, JLL, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, UNDESA, UNCDF, Universidad de Chile, Business of Cities-London, University College London-DPU, Oxford University, Global Development Solutions-GDS, and last but not least UN-Habitat.


Marco Kamiya, Le-Yin Zhang (eds.), Contributors.

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