Dialogue with Mayoral Candidates for Safer Cities

After a decade, City Corporation Elections was held in Dhaka on 28 April, 2015. Before the election, the mayoral candidates participated in debates and different events to show their commitments towards a sustainable city.

World Vision acknowledges that children living in urban poverty remain especially vulnerable to human rights violations with slum environments associated with adverse health, social, economic, environmental and educational outcomes. At the same time, if city authority promotes childrens’ participation in the development processes; activate a city-wide Children’s Rights Strategy; establish a Children’s Rights Unit or coordinating mechanism and allocate children’s budget, children may enjoy the advantages of urban life, including access to educational, medical and recreational facilities. For all these purposes, City Corporation would be the appropriate platform.

Considering the context and appropriateness, World Vision Bangladesh (WVB) organized a dialogue with the proposed candidates of Mayor of Dhaka City Corporation. Major candidates for the Mayoral position, child right activists, representatives of child centered organizations, child forum members, service providing agencies took part and raised issues in the dialogue where candidates addressed the concerns and reflect through their commitment.

Mohammed Norul Alam Raju, Bipasha Dutta and Monjur Morshed