China12: China’s Cities Go Global

Since the launch of our China Cities series in 2007, JLL has charted a remarkable journey of unprecedented city-building and infrastructure development. China is now entering a ‘new era’ of innovation, internationalisation and global influence, which will further reshape the urban landscape both at home and abroad. This latest research focuses on China’s leading cities – the China12 – which are at the forefront of the transition to the innovation economy. The China12 are emerging at the core of new systems of cities of truly global scale, where success is now being measured by their ability to innovate and generate new ideas, their capacity to nurture the next generation of businesses and their quality of life. Home to a growing breed of energetic tech-savvy businesses that will spearhead the next wave of China’s globalisation, the China12 are poised to step up their engagement overseas, becoming global players for information and technology. No longer passive respondents to government edicts or international capital flows, the China12 are set to become drivers of change in their own right. Over the next decade, their influence on the world’s urban landscape and real estate markets will expand in new directions as they move to the leading edge of new technologies that may change the way we live and work in cities.

Source: JLL

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