Building Urban Safety Through Public Space

The adoption of the 2016-2030 Sustainable Development Goals requires the provision of well-designed networks of safe, inclusive and accessible public spaces and streets, free from crime and violence, particularly for women and children, older persons and persons with disabilities. Although public space becomes the ground for the coproduction of urban safety, its importance is not widely recognized in the literature and policy arena. In the absence of a compendium, showing the tools, principles and relevant practices, UN-Habitat’s Safer Cities
Programme and the Programme on Public Space has decided to put together a handbook – a quick practical guideline on how to build urban safety through public space.
‘Building Urban Safety through Public Space’ provides the local governments with tools to frame and implement principles, policy recommendations and development initiatives on safe public places. The way current safety is assessed in urban public spaces varies greatly from one city to another. Many cities yet do not have regulations or assessment tools for urban safety policy. The UN-Habitat’s methodology presented in this handbook has been developed to fill this gap and to improve the knowledge on delivering safe public spaces for all. The handbook serves to strengthen key stakeholders’ understanding about the importance of public space, initiating a dialogue among leaders, policymakers, planners and community on how to coproduce a safer city with public space in mind. It will also serve to demonstrate the value of the involvement of the citizenry and civil society in building urban safety by securing, developing and managing public spaces in the city.

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