Ahmedabad Slum Networking Programme

The objective of the ongoing Slum Networking Project in the city of Ahmedabad is transformation of the urban environment through a unique partnership between the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, (AMC), non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and communities. The approach for provision of a package of basic infrastructure services at the household and slum level in an affordable and sustainable way has evolved since it was first introduced in Ahmedabad as a partnership project with the Private Sector in 1995.

The services include household connections for water supply and drainage, individual toilets, and slum level storm water drainage, paving of internal roads and street lighting. Thus, the project aims at providing access to water and sanitation to the households living in slums and chawls of Ahmedabad. All partners contribute towards implementation of this partnership project, though AMC bears about eighty percent of the cost of the physical infrastructure. The remaining twenty percent is contributed by the households participating in the project. The NGOs, whose activities include motivating the residents to participate in the project, facilitate collection of savings for contributing towards the households’ contribution to AMC and implement other community development activities and development interventions in the area, are paid a lump-sum of Rupees One Thousand per household for part of the costs the activities by AMC and mobilize other resources for the rest.

The lessons learnt through implementation of the SNP in Ahmedabad have been incorporated in the draft Gujarat State Urban Slums Policy while the design of a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for implementation of SNP was prepared with the support of the Cities Alliance and Water and Sanitation Programme, All stakeholders involved in implementation and scaling up of SNP were involved in the processes for preparation of the Draft GSUSP and proposal for the SPV.

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