Thank you to all those who participated in the UN-Habitat GHS side event, online and in person

During the launch of UN-Habitat’s 24th Governing Council, the UN-Habitat Global Housing Strategy held a side event entitled “A call for a Paradigm Shift in Policy”. The event aimed to advocate for a paradigm shift in policy and strategy formulation, based on the principles of human rights, gender responsiveness, and results based management. The presenters addressed the importance of adequate housing for all, with a focus on people living in poverty, and the need for governments to be active in improving conditions, not only in policy change but in effective implementation.

UN-Habitat presented an outline of the Global Housing Strategy, followed by presenters from Uganda, South Africa, Chile and Canada, sharing their particular experiences on three different stages of the transformation process: activism and rights-campaigning to highlight problems, research for alternative development, and policy formation and implementation to address shortcomings.

The meeting was fully attended by a large group of interested participants representing Member States, Academia, NGOs, professionals, private sector and UN-Habitat. The discussion included statements and comments from online participants from Kazakhstan to Switzerland; as well as statements from, among others, Slum Dweller International, Ministers, and colleagues attending in person. The majority of participants highlighted the importance of the Global Housing Strategy to address the global challenges of housing and slum upgrading.

The next steps include broadcasting meetings that will be followed by an online discussion, on a quarterly basis.