Role of Civil Society Organizations in mitigating of corruption– Experiences; Examples

Introduction: The Municipal Governance and Development Community in Afghanistan brings together the professionals managing Afghanistan's municipalities, as well as those working to enhance their capacity to provide effective, efficient and responsive municipal services to their citizens, in support of the Sub-National Governance Policy and the Afghanistan National Development Strategy.


Moderators’ Note:Dear Members, we are pleased to launch another Query on Role of Civil Society Organizations in mitigating of corruption; posed  by Nooruddin Fitrat working with Peace Organization (PO) as Deputy Director in Kabul- Afghanistan. Please share your experiences and examples by October 24. Thankyou!


Dear Members,

I am Nooruddin Fitrat working with Peace Organization (PO) as Deputy Director in Takahar province.Peace Organization (PO) is nongovernmental, non-political, and independent organization established in Takhar province since 2008, with its main office in Kabul. PO is  registered with the Ministry of Economy since 2009; working as partner with Counterpart International, AKF, Mission East & Concern World Wide. PO is working in collaboration with other CSOs and International organizations to promote Human Rights and Women’s Rights, Gender parity, capacity building of the youth, community involvement in the local administration, and governance.

As per the National Priority Program (NPP) good governance is an overarching concern and a high priority of international community, the Afghan government and people of Afghanistan. However, in reality, poor governance exists and corruption growth is high and dismal in Afghanistan. The fight against corruption in Afghanistan remains a challenge, as it is for so many developing countries.

Global judgment is that Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) can play major role and can work as watchdog to mitigate and eliminate corruption nationwide.

There are dozens of civil society organizations working in Afghanistan who would want to know about the following question -

·         What are some ways that Civil Society Organizations can contribute to reducing/eliminating corruption, and promote dynamic, transparent and accountable public institutions?

Your experiences and examples will help the Peace Organization, the dozens of other Civil Society Organizations in Afghanistan, as well as the public sector and people learn how CSOs could play a more active role in elimination of corruption, and improve our contribution to rebuilding a war-torn and corruption shattered country.