Registration deadline: 15 November 2013 “URBAN REVITALIZATION OF MASS HOUSING” UN-Habitat International Competition

If you have not yet registered, please join over 300 participating teams and course managers from almost 70 countries worldwide. Note that the official deadline is Friday the 15th of November, 2013 (11.59PM GMT+3). Therefore ensure that you register online on the competition website, using this link:

For details of the entries, people, and countries participating in the competition, please click on the following link:

Course leaders, are requested to remind their students to register on the above competition site. Moreover, we remind course leaders and researchers to submit relevant publications, articles and research papers to us to post on the “Download: other suggested readings”. Please send your work in PDF format or a web link to:

We would like to sincerely thank those of you who have shown your interest and have already joined the competition. As you know, the competition not only amplifies awareness of issues pertaining to mass housing, but will also create a menu of proposals, concepts and policy implications to revitalize mass housing and better address housing needs in the future. Furthermore, the competition will create a database of invaluable knowledge that will continue to prosper beyond the competition aiming to provide ideas to policy makers and practitioners.

Please join us on our Facebook Group where you can also stay up-to-date on the competition, ask questions and share ideas, articles and other points of interest with your peers:

For any additional information and queries regarding the competition, you can always write directly to:  However, if you have any questions on technical support regarding the competition website, please write to:

Once again, thank you for your interest in this exciting competition!

All the best,


Mohamed El Sioufi
D. Arch, U. of Michigan, S.M.Arch.S.MIT.
Coordinator, Housing and Slum Upgrading Branch

Coordinator, Global Housing Strategy

Competition Chairman, Urban Revitalization of Mass Housing