The Future of Urban Areas

Ray Bloch Productions is producing the upcoming  Cities For Tomorrow event at The TimesCenter in New York City. This follow-up to last year's Building Sustainable Cities Conference, which is hosted by The New York Times, will take place over two days, April 21st and 22nd, and will convene public and private sector leaders from around the globe to discuss issues related to the modern proliferation of urban population growth.

Topics to be examined at the event will include sustainability, governance, technology, and economics. Approximately 400 thought leaders, C-level executives, and public policy makers from a wide range of industries will debate and discuss issues that must be addressed in order to effectuate urban development that can meet the needs of its citizens while operating cleanly and efficiently.

The day will be monitored by New York Times journalists, and will include guest speakers, such as U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Shaun DonovanGreg Lindsay of the World Policy Institute, and Michelle Addington of the Yale School of Architecture. The program will incorporate head-to-head debates, panel discussions, case studies, and audience brainstorming sessions.


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