Manhattan comes to Africa: the pros and cons of Eko Atlantic City

Adding 15% of the area of Manhattan to the African mega-city of Lagos, the Eko Atlantic reclamation project is one of the most ambitious urban projects on the continent. Immaculata Nwokoro continues her exegesis of this rising global city with a debate on the merits of the project.

Rising from the seabed on the coast of Lagos is Eko Atlantic, a nine square kilometre reclamation project and urban development that will be a new home to 250,000 people and the workplace of another 150,000, with waterfront areas, tree-lined streets, efficient transport systems and mixed-use plots that combine residential areas with leisure facilities, offices and shops. Eko Atlantic, it is hoped, will enhance the status of Lagos and create a new and stronger financial hub for the whole of West Africa.

Full Story: The Global Urbanist

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