ICLEI study examines the past and looks to the future of sustainable development

With 21 days to go until Rio+20, ICLEI published the wide-ranging study Local Sustainability 2012. The study takes stock of progress in sustainable development since the original Rio Conference in 1992, and looks to the future, offering a list of recommendations to global leaders. Separated into two complementary sections - a global review and case studies - the study documents the variety of local processes for sustainability that have emerged globally in the last 20 years.

Within the context of the current debate on how best to set up an international governance framework in terms of sustainable development (one of the key aspects of the Rio+20 Conference), ICLEI’s study focuses mainly on placing local sustainability initiatives within a broader national and international context. The study identifies opportunities and looks at barriers to enhancing local sustainable action.

Full Story: ICLEI-Europe

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