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[ Document ] Posted on Wednesday, April 4, 2018 - 12:21
The pace and scale of change in today’s globalised, digitised economy is leading to an unprecedented transformation of our cities. As technology-enabled platforms lower barriers to entry and ensure that demand for talent and innovation becomes increasingly global, cities are needing to adapt and build environments that foster innovation ecosystems, talent and connectivity in order to maintain... Read more
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The JLL City Momentum Index for 2018 identifies the world’s most dynamic cities, with a new focus on those cities best poised to maintain their competitiveness in a rapidly changing, technology-based global economy. Along with analysing 131 established and emerging business hubs for their short-term economic and real estate momentum, the index also ranks these cities by their potential for future... Read more
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The partnership builds on previous resilience initiatives in India and includes an open call for a new position in New Delhi, the Resilience Chair, who will oversee state and national level programs. NEW DELHI, INDIA – Today, 100 Resilient Cities (100RC)  – pioneered by The Rockefeller Foundation – and the National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) announced a formal partnership to expand... Read more
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Hosted Entities: Cities Alliance Job categories: Leadership, Urban Development Vacancy code: VA/2018/B5115/15260 Level: ICS-11 Department/office: ECR, GVA, Cities Alliance Duty station: Tunis, Tunisia Contract type: International ICA Contract level: IICA-3 Duration: One Year initially, with possibility of extension Application period29-Mar-2018 to 12-Apr-2018 Applications to vacancies must be... Read more
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What are you doing about your city’s mobility problem? As traffic congestion rapidly gets worse, smart cities need to change how they think, before they change how they move. An urgent need to act There is a stark reality that traffic congestion is waste. In dollar terms, the cost to the US economy is more than US$120 billion each year. And it is on pace to reach US$2.8 trillion in 12 short... Read more
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The 8th edition of the international Smart City Event will take place in The Hague (The Netherlands) on the 27th and 28th of June 2018 Last year over 700 professionals from different countries and cities, came together in The Hague. This year, experts from leading cities will be on stage to present their unique projects of smart cities. During these 2 days there will be several keynote speeches,... Read more
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“Integrated landscape management” requires understanding different land use impacts and balancing the often-conflicting interests of different groups. Let’s pretend you are the government of Country X in sub-Saharan Africa. You want to “end poverty in all its forms everywhere” (Sustainable Development Goal 1). But you are also mindful of needing to implement all 17 Goals, including Goal 15 “... Read more
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The growth of urban settlements is subject to a range of factors influenced by demographic, economic, political, environmental, cultural, and social factors. Weather variability, or climate change, has recently risen up this list. These two factors: climate change and urban population growth, are dramatically affecting urban water management. On one hand, growing populations increase urban water... Read more
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Good urbanisation creates opportunities for countries, allowing them to improve their economic performance, foster social inclusiveness, and encourage environmentally sustainable growth patterns. On the other hand, poorly managed urbanisation generates significant economic, social and environmental challenges. Urbanisation is a complex process, requiring a coordinated policy approach. As such, a... Read more
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Hafeez Ullah Khan  -  Civilization's history is also history of urbanization (an old age process at varying pace through time) with a few cities around 400 BC supporting large rural population. Urbanization is a process whereby populations move from rural to urban area. World's urban population increased fourfold during 1950-2003 while rural population increased less than double. From Indus... Read more