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[ News ] Posted on Tuesday, November 1, 2011 - 11:15
Dear Colleagues, Thank you for your active participation in the Introductory Training to the Urban Gateway! Your feedback has been immensely useful in advancing the development and improvements on the Gateway as evidenced by a number of issues already being resolved by our developer, Public Zone. The remaining issues are currently under review. With respect to our training schedule, it is with... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Friday, October 28, 2011 - 12:38
Montreal, 19 October 2011 – The contribution of the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity to Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea: The Living Ocean and Coast was discussed in Seoul on 14 October 2011 at a meeting between Mr. Samuel Koo, United Nations Co-Commissioner-General for the Expo, and Mr. Ahmed Djoghlaf, Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). Also in... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Tuesday, October 25, 2011 - 10:02
A team of graduate students led by Center for Sustainable Urban Development (CSUD) Associate Research Scholar Jacqueline Klopp completed analysis of systems of governance over land in Cairo, Egypt. An article summarizing their findings is available on the CSUD website: Land, Legitimacy and Governance in Contemporary Cairo.  Full findings and report will be presented and available at a conference... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Monday, October 24, 2011 - 09:58
For enhancing school students' awareness towards rational use, conservation and protection of water resources in the Arab region, the UNESCO Cairo Office (UCO) supported the preparation of informal water education material for school students addressing different target groups. The developed material covered the upper elementary, intermediate and secondary school age groups promoting the concept... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Monday, October 24, 2011 - 09:46
The Government of Kenya has banned fishing along the Kenya-Somalia border as the military intensifies its operation against the Al-Shabaab militia and piracy. Coast Provincial Police Officer Aggrey Adoli said the decision arrived at on Thursday by the provincial security and intelligence committee is intended to protect Kenyan fishermen operating along the border areas. “No fishing activities... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Monday, October 24, 2011 - 09:31
Urban violence is a subject that is particularly difficult to grasp for those who are directly or indirectly involved in implementing a local security or prevention policy, primarily because the concept is difficult to define. Indeed, the term ‘urban violence’ does not cover the same ground in every country, especially in legal terms. There are few universally accepted definitions of the term.... Read more
[ Opportunities ] Posted on Sunday, October 23, 2011 - 18:44
  Do you have a programme or project which has resulted in the improvement of the living environment of urban dwellers? UN-Habitat and Dubai Municipality offer you an opportunity for global recognition through the Dubai International Award for Best Practices  to Improve the Living Environment. THE DUBAI INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOR BEST PRACTICES TO IMPROVE THE LIVING ENVIRONMENT  The 9th... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 - 11:15
In recognition of the need to complement Parties’ uptake of decision X/22 and the associated Plan of Action on Subnational Governments, Cities and Other Local Authorities for Biodiversity (2011-2020), the City of Edmonton, Canada, has formally aligned its own city-wide planning with the decision. This kind of contributive effort by local government is being supported nationwide in Canada by the... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 - 11:05
Biodiversity experts and officials from across the Central Asia region are meeting in Istanbul from 17 to 20 October 2011 to work towards implementing the Nagoya Biodiversity Compact at the Regional Workshop on Updating National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (NBSAPs). The workshop is organized by the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in collaboration with the... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Tuesday, October 18, 2011 - 16:00
La problemática habitacional en la Argentina es un fenómeno complejo. Tiene diversas manifestaciones y responde a varias causas. Se destacan la dificultad para acceder a una vivienda propia para los sectores más postergados y una amplia franja de los de ingreso medio, los graves problemas para acceder a un lote, la expulsión de los sectores populares de las ciudades, la carencia de... Read more