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Post Title Field Engineer Issue Date 17 March 2019 Deadline 31 March 2019 Expected starting date April 2019 Type of Contract Consultancy contract under Stars Orbit Company Duration Consultancy contract under Stars Orbit Company Location Mosul Municipality – Ninewa Governorate   Background and Objectives According to the World Bank and Government of Iraq’s Damage and... Read more
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Apply now for the only multidisciplinary Urban Management programme (MSc) in the Netherlands. Applications are now open! The cities of today are complex, continuously evolving, and face challenges on multiple levels. This is why we designed the 12-month MSc in Urban Management and Development – a multidisciplinary programme to equip participants with the knowledge and the skills to become... Read more
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The world is experiencing unprecedented urban growth. Today, over half of the global population is urban and by 2050 an additional 2.5 billion people are expected to live in urban areas. This framework defines the Urban Food Agenda as the vast range of policies, programmes and initiatives developed and implemented by national and sub-national governments, jointly with different stakeholders from... Read more
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Inequality is not only related to unequal access to economic resources, it has an impact that goes beyond the strictly material and is related to a series of imbalances that fracture the cohesion and well-being of our societies. These problems range from physical or mental health, school drop-out, insecurity, drug use, the increase in the prison population, violence and exclusion. The webinar... Read more
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Wild bees are indispensable pollinators, supporting both agricultural productivity and the diversity of flowering plants worldwide. But wild bees are experiencing widespread declines resulting from multiple interacting factors. A new University of Michigan-led study suggests that the effects of one of those factors—urbanization—may have been underestimated. The team found that the sex ratio of... Read more
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Over 4,700 heads of state, ministers, business leaders, senior UN officials and civil society representatives are gathering in Nairobi for a meeting of the world’s top body on the environment, where they will take decisions that move global societies to a more sustainable path. The fourth UN Environment Assembly runs from 11-15 March under the theme Innovative Solutions for Environmental... Read more
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While many sub-Saharan African cities are perceived to be unplanned, many larger cities have enacted some degree of urban planning. Still, many cities that did have urban plans seem unstructured. A recent report on the effectiveness of urban planning in Tanzania analyzes the links between the planning process and managing better urban growth. The main study of the report investigates the impact... Read more
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International Women’s Day is this week, and millions around the world are mobilizing to celebrate womanhood and promote women’s rights. Unfortunately, there’s perhaps less to celebrate for women in the venture capital industry and the high-growth startups it supports. In 2017, just 16 percent of venture capital funding in the United States went to startups with at least one female founder, and... Read more
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If only there were a secret way to lose weight, improve health, save money, and save the planet – all at the same time and without fitting an additional thing into your day. Amazing news!  There is!  It’s called active transportation – in other words, walking and biking. Using this product, city leaders have the ability to create cities and towns that are vibrant, sustainable, healthy, and... Read more
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Biophilic cities are healthy cities Biophilia is the inherent human inclination to affiliate with nature which is crucial for people’s physical and mental health and wellbeing, especially in cities. The past two decades have seen growing acceptance among policy makers, academics and practitioners of the importance of the bio-physical, economic and socio-cultural dimensions of ecosystem services... Read more