Proofread Urban Planning Report including settlement plan for refugees host communities, home-based (online volunteer), Habitat, Kenya

The socio-economic and mapping report is 250 pages report needs proof reading and editing prior publication. The volunteer will perform the following tasks: 1) proof reading and language check; 2) comment unclear phrasing/ suggest otherwise; 3) make suggestions for structural changes; 4) make suggestions for graphic/ visual additions; 5) complete text editingThe Report is 250 pages and was developed by the research team for publication. The selected UN Online Volunteer will be mentioned in the publication.

Through a partnership with UNHCR, UN-Habitat has been allocated the responsibility to plan for a sustainably integrated settlement for refugees and host communities, based on a deep understanding of the contextual analysis. This report details the socio-economic and mapping baseline background, relevant literature informing the baseline and mapping exercises, and the methodology adopted by the consultants in undertaking the baseline.

Fluency in English language (academic or native speaker level); Experience in editing reports for publication purposes; Minimum bachelor studies; Experience in working with urban planning programs (public space, architecture, urban basic services), Familiar with urban planning terminology

Source: UN Jobs

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Deadline/closing date: 
Sunday, December 31, 2017